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Power Tools

What is a CARE Power Tool?

CARE’s Power Tools are a set of proven and tested resources that provide guidance on how to implement effective advocacy tactics. All of CARE’s Power Tools have been used successfully by a CARE Country Office or set of offices to achieve an advocacy win, and can be utilized by colleagues, partners and advocates at different stages of their advocacy efforts. CARE’s Power Tools demonstrate the inspiring achievements of our passionate and dedicated colleagues and partners and provide a platform for sharing these achievements and the lessons learned with CARE offices and partner organizations.

Strategy for Advocacy

While each Power Tool is a how-to guide for various CARE-inspired advocacy tactics, approaches, or tools, an important first step is to develop a thorough advocacy strategy. The CARE International Advocacy Handbook (also available in French and Spanish) provides guidance on developing and implementing an effective advocacy strategy and should form the basis of your advocacy approach.

Check Out The Power Tools

The current set of Power Tools are listed below, and additional Power Tools will be added on an on-going basis.

Convening a multi-stakeholder alliance

Based on CARE’s experience in the Caucasus, Zambia, and Peru, this Power Tool provides guidance on how to convene a multi-stakeholder alliance to achieve your advocacy goals.

Conducting site visits with policy makers and influentials

This Power Tool provides guidance on how to conduct a successful site visit that aligns with your advocacy goals based on CARE USA’s Learning Tours program.

Utilizing a scorecard for your advocacy

Based on CARE’s Community Score Card that originated in Malawi and CARE USA’s Champion Scorecard, this Power Tool captures the different ways scorecards can be developed and utilized to support advocacy initiatives. From using a scorecard as a community-led tool to hold power-holders to account to designing a scorecard to measure a policymaker’s movement on your advocacy issue, this Power Tool will provide the guidance you need to apply a scorecard to meet your advocacy needs.

Developing a low-cost, low-tech Advocacy MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning System

This Power Tool consists of multiple tools that can be used to influence a simple MEL system to measure and track progress towards your advocacy goals. The tools have been adapted from multiple CARE offices including CARE Tanzania, the Southern Africa Impact Growth Strategy Team, and CARE USA, with input from CARE International, CARE Canada, and CARE UK.




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