Personalize Your Message

Personalize Your Message

... and Make a Bigger Impact

CARE Action! may take strength from our numbers but it is our individual advocates, like you, who make us what we are. We need your story of what is driving you to advocate for these people affected by CARE's initiatives. By personalizing your messaging, both to those within our network and to Washington you alone are doing more than 100 form letters could do.

According to the Congressional Management Foundation and the Society for Human Resource Management, though some constituents believe that sending large volumes of identical form messages will influence Members, a survey of senior managers and mail staffers showed that individual letters and emails have a far greater influence on Member decision-making than form letters.

Your journey to advocacy can make your efforts more effective. Share your story; rather than sending multiple messages that lack any individual voice or perspective, focus on sending fewer, yet more personalized messages to your Member of Congress

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