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Welcome to Advocate U, an online university created to inspire, educate, and give you the resources you need to be a leader in the fight against global poverty. We’re so glad you’re here!

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All too often, we hear that too few Americans support legislative action on global poverty-fighting issues, so our elected officials do not consider them a priority. As a CARE advocate you have the power to change the status quo by urging Members of Congress to act. Each action you take to reach your Member of Congress will add strength to our movement and impact policies and commitments that address global poverty. Check out our resources below and learn about how you can take action!

CARE & CARE Action Social Media
How To Advocate with Social Media
Annual Events
Write A Letter To The Editor
Write An Op-Ed
Personalize Your Message
In-District Meetings
Write And Call Congress
Capitol Hill Addresses
Executive Order vs Executive Action
Understanding Your Member of Congress
Getting to the Hill
Federal Rulemaking
How to work around Congress
A regulation doesn't become a rule
Congressional Budget Process
Federal Budget Process 101
FY2018 Budget Report
What to expect from the new budget
Advocacy 101

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