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Welcome to Advocate U, an online university created to inspire, educate, and give you the resources you need to be a leader in the fight against global poverty. We’re so glad you’re here!

Advocate U

Thank you for deciding to take action with CARE!

You’re joining 270,000 other CARE Action advocates who represent a wide range of backgrounds, levels of experience and perspectives, while sharing a common passion to eradicate poverty and improve the lives of girls, women and communities who currently live in poverty.

CARE Action is a sister organization of CARE, supporting effective citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts. It’s a powerful force that has the potential to influence and change U.S. policy.

Care Action supports new and seasoned advocates, helping each become the most effective lobbyists they can be. Advocate U is about:

  • building citizen advocacy skills

  • expanding your influence

  • and making change happen in a big way.

Together, CARE and CARE Action are advocating for lifesaving legislative initiatives, foreign assistance policies and funding that support programs to:

  • empower women and girls

  • foster strong, resilient communities

  • eradicate poverty

  • and increase humanitarian assistance.  

With more than 890 projects operating in 95 countries, CARE reaches more than 65 million people who need our help every year.  We couldn’t do any of that without powerful citizen advocacy and the CARE Action.

Learn more about each of our advocacy issues and review our 2018 Advocacy agenda here:


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