Women's Economic Empowerment

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Women’s Economic Empowerment

When women and girls are agents of their own change and have equal access to economic resources and decision-making, the results are transformational.

Learn more about CARE’s Women’s Economic Empowerment work around the world and call on Congress today to invest in women everywhere.

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At a time when 1.2 billion people live in absolute poverty – most of whom are women and girls – women's economic empowerment holds the key for a safer, more just world for all.

The bipartisan Women's Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment Act of 2018 has been introduced to Congress, signaling a huge step forward for U.S. leadership in women's property rights and financial inclusion worldwide.

WEE page - Stories of Change

Stories of Change

In countries around the globe, earning a living requires more than just hard work. It also requires equal access to and control over economic resources, assets, and opportunities — a right that's often rare for women

Read success stories of CARE's women's economic empowerment work in the field.

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"Before it was hard to express our opinions to men. We couldn't even speak to people because we were shy and didn't know our rights. Now we are equal."

- Rebecca Nankwanga, Members of Dhibula-Atyaime Village Savings Group, Luwuka


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The impact of women's economic empowerment is far-reaching. U.S. government investments in women abroad catalyze broader development for communities and nations, igniting stability and productivity and making America and our allies stronger.

Send a message to your member of Congress and tell them to cosponsor the Women's Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Act of 2018.

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