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The Total Package

The Total Package

The CARE Package began as a box of relief for a war torn Europe. Today that package has changed. Today CARE works through all avenues to provide lasting change. Join us as we amplify the message from Capitol Hill to the district offices of Legislators.

Becoming an advocate isn't as complicated as you might think. Through the Amplify Project, you can be a voice for change and join the fight against poverty and social injustice around the world. Become a part of a community that is making sure our nation's leaders understand and address these issues.

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May 22 - 24 2017
Mead Center for American Theater, 1101 6th St SW, Washington, DC, 20024

Join CARE and CARE Action! for three days of inspriring workshops, networking events, and congressional meetings.

MAY 22: Learn, Connect and Celebrate

Network with other...

From the Field

Take Action Tuesday, Here's what you can do right now

Posted 3/28/17

During last week’s massive mobilization effort, thousands of you joined CARE, CARE Action! and a coalition of...

Take Action Tuesday: Here's What You Can Do Right Now

Posted 3/21/17

Now that the President’s budget proposal has been released and we know what we’re dealing with, CARE Action is answering back with total mobilization....


Posted 3/20/17

#WorthThePenny Toolkit

From March 20 to 24, CARE Action is pulling out all the stops. We’re teaming up with advocacy groups and...

This week, it’s time to make some noise for the world’s most vulnerable

Posted 3/19/17

Join thousands of citizen advocates across the country in raising your voice this week.

From March 20 – 24, we’re teaming up with partner...


Join us as we build out a base of support in each state to fight global poverty.
We are organized by state and legislative district.