Nigeria Refugee Crisis: 40 More Mouths to Feed

Posted 11/17/17

Over 80 percent of refugees from Nigeria have found shelter in host families in Niger, most of them poor and chronically hungry themselves.

Healthcare in the wake of Boko Haram

Posted 11/17/17

More than 2 million people have been displaced.

A Testament to Human Kindness

Posted 11/16/17

In the DRC, a widow opens her home to those in need.

Conducting health training in a conflict zone

Posted 11/16/17

Nurse Miphie Laya* shows strength and perseverance during crisis.

Back in business

Posted 11/16/17

Village savings and loan associations lend a ray of hope in North Kivu, DRC.

What’s Going on in DRC?

Posted 11/16/17

A Q&A with Setcheme Jeronime Mongbo, Country Director of Program Quality in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

My One Cent: Brenda Rose

Posted 11/15/17

Brenda Rose is one of CARE Action’s 2016/2017 fellows and among CARE’s most effective advocates. She describes herself as “incredibly shy” though so...

Take Action Tuesday - November 14, 2017

Posted 11/14/17

Time To Take Action on Climate Change

It’s Take Action Tuesday and we’re running out of time. If the United States and its citizens are...

Social Supper for International Day of the Girl

Posted 11/10/17

By Kristen Pratt, CARE Advocate | CA-30

I know I’m not alone in often feeling helpless and overwhelmed by all of the bad news and negativity we...

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