How to Call Your Member of Congress with CARE Action

Posted 4/24/18

CARE Action advocates have shown time and again that when we use our collective voice, we can create tangible change for a better world. For decades,...

Listen: Why the Global Food Security Act Matters

Posted 4/19/18

On our newest episode of the CARE Action podcast, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite subject – food. The...

Why Women in Afghanistan Feel More Compassionate (And Why That Matters)

Posted 4/17/18

Women in Afghanistan believe that they are now more compassionate—and violence has dropped by 55%. Find out why.

Women in Afghanistan think...

4 Things We Need To Address Before the International Labour Conference

Posted 4/16/18

The International Labour Organization’s ( ILO) new Yellow Report,...

LISTEN: Why We Go to the CARE National Conference

Posted 4/5/18

We’re coming up on CARE Action’s biggest advocacy event of the year – the...

Arizona CARE Advocate joins USGLC Event with Rep. Schweikert

Posted 4/3/18

By Anissa Rasheta

The United States Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) works to strengthen America's civilian led tools-- development and...

2 Million and Counting: Contraception and the Community

Posted 3/30/18

In 2017, nearly 2 million women in Malawi were using a modern method of...

Listen: Why We March – Activists on The Line’s Newest Podcast Episode

Posted 3/29/18

These days, record-breaking crowds are gathering, marching, protesting and cheering for issues that demand both immediate action and long-...

Stories of Change: CARE’s Success on Women’s Economic Empowerment

Posted 3/27/18

In countries around the globe, earning a living requires more than just hard work. It also requires equal access to and control over economic resources...

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