CARE Joins 80 Organizations In Community Statement on GWI Qualifications

Posted 2/23/18

CARE knows that when you empower a girl or a woman, she becomes a catalyst for positive change and her success benefits everyone around her. That’s...

Progress or Stagnation? CARE's Take on the African Union's Investment in Agriculture, Nutrition

Posted 2/21/18

Four years ago, The African Union (AU) and its 55 member states signed the Malabo Declaration reconfirming that if African countries intend to end...

What Leaders Are Saying About the FY19 Budget - And How You Can Join Them

Posted 2/14/18

The Trump’s administration’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2019 was released earlier this week , and already, government officials,...

5 Minutes of Inspiration: How Building Love Doubles Income

Posted 2/14/18

Women in Ethiopia are telling us “…now we love each other, we work together….” They’ve also doubled their income. Learn more.


Take Action Tuesday: February 13, 2018

Posted 2/12/18

It’s Take Action Tuesday and once again, the budget is on the top of our minds. Even though our advocates have just finished fighting to stop...

My One Cent: Nicole Ellis

Posted 2/7/18

Nicole Ellis’ My One Cent blog

Nicole Ellis is CARE’s Policy Communications Manager in Washington, DC. Having seen CARE’s programs in more...

Take Action Tuesday: February 6, 2018

Posted 2/5/18

It’s Take Action Tuesday and we’re excited to announce the release of our...

My One Cent: Frank Titus

Posted 1/31/18

Frank A Titus, from Columbus, Ohio has supported CARE since his paper route days. With a long career in the military and in human rights law, Frank is...

CAN Faith Outreach Toolkit

Posted 1/30/18

CARE has released a new advocate resource: the CARE Action...

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