5 Minutes of Inspiration: How Cash Transfers Help Women Hold Their Heads High

Posted 6/19/18

Women in Chad say the biggest impacts of cash transfers is that now they can hold their heads high. Learn more.

By Emily Janoch


How Young Men Can Change Gender Norms and Support Women and Girls

Posted 6/15/18

Women’s economic empowerment sustainably lifts women, families and entire communities out of poverty — but only when men get with the program, too....

Listen: Amplifying Women's Economic Empowerment

Posted 6/14/18

CARE focuses on empowering women and girls in developing countries because we know it’s the most effective and sustainable way to eradicate...

Meet Melkam: Why CARE invests in women and small-scale farmers

Posted 6/4/18

In a world where over 800 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition, CARE recognizes the importance of empowering those most-impacted....

How Working From Home Puts Many Women At Risk

Posted 5/30/18

Kokila used to work as a home-based tailor in Delhi, India, but it was an abusive environment. “I worked stitching...

5 Minutes of Inspiration: How does closing the poverty gap save lives?

Posted 5/30/18

CARE Bangladesh has figured out how to improve health care for everyone — with the biggest benefits going to the poor. By Emily Janoch


Listen: The Conference, the Midterms and Amplify

Posted 5/29/18

Last week, we attended the...

Always On The Move

Posted 5/18/18

One family’s winding journey in search of safety from the conflict in Syria.

Author: Joelle Bassoul, CARE

Najlaa*, 27, sweeps the...

Listen: What’s Happening With The Foreign Assistance Budget?

Posted 5/16/18

Next week, hundreds of CARE advocates will gather in Washington, D.C. for the CARE...

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