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Welcome to Advocate U, an online university created to inspire, educate, and give you the resources you need to be a leader in the fight against global poverty. We’re so glad you’re here!

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As an advocate you are ready to join our fight to end global poverty. What we all must keep in mind is that any sustainable solution must address the roots of the issue: the absence of opportunities and resources. CARE Action! is concerned about the circumstances of all people and, in our work, we address these inequalities that lead to poverty. Your efforts will help!

CARE Action! has found that women and girls are disproportionately affected by poverty. Our advocacy supports impoverished women and families by promoting policy reforms that improve U.S. foreign assistance programs. Our recommendations aim to make U.S. aid to developing countries more:

  • cost-effective

  • timely

  • sustainable

  • and efficient

As a CARE advocate you’ll be making the case as to why investments in global health and development are crucial to the fight against global poverty to your Members of Congress. Here you can learn about our legislative policy and become familiar with our advocacy campaigns.

Food and nutrition security

We are facing immense challenges on both a global and a national front.

Globally we are fighting to end hunger and malnutrition in a time of environmental degradation and phenomena. Natural resources are being altered on a global scale and felt deeply by small scale food producers; most of whom are women.

Nationally, we face an unknown administration. Having come from an administration that was supportive of comprehensive food and nutrition security policies and programs, we recognize that new Congress and Administration may not have that same understanding.

Dear Future President: Help Stop Hunger

Nearly 800 million people around the world are hungry. In July, Congress took a stand against global hunger and passed the Global Food Security Act (GFSA),...

Gender and Empowerment

Globally, 35% of women are beaten, coerced into sex, trafficked, raped, mutilated or experiences some other form of physical or sexual abuse during her lifetime. This Gender Based Violence (GBV) statistic jumps to a staggering near-70% in some countries. Though primarily women, these victims do include men and boys. In most cases the wronged know their perpetrator and sometimes this violence is culturally accepted.

CARE Action! promotes the inclusion of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls throughout U.S. foreign assistance programs while supporting the incorporation of strong policies and robust resources to prevent and address child marriage and gender-based violence.

End Violence Against Women

The International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA) would elevate the importance of GBV and women’s empowerment.

Humanitarian and Emergency Assistance

We are seeing an overwhelming rise in both the scale and quantity of humanitarian crises globally. Nearly 60 million people were uprooted by conflict or natural disaster in 2014 alone.

CARE Action! responds.
We reach more than 12 million people as we responds to emergencies, natural disasters and areas of conflicts; focusing on the needs of women and children. We advocate for the protection of women and children to be included into global emergency responses, to help build links between the emergency response and long-term goals, and allow communities in need greater access to humanitarian efforts.

Syrian Refugees Need Our Support

Tell President Obama and Congress to support the civilians trapped inside Syria and the refugees forced to flee their homes.

Sexual, Reproductive and Maternal Health

Access to healthcare allows women make healthier choices regarding their reproductive health. Dangerously limited access to contraceptives, family planning information, and women’s medical services puts hundreds of thousands of women in life-threatening situations. Currently, about 300,000 women die each year from reproductive health conditions and complications in childbirth. Each woman's death puts her children at greater risk of death, her family’s economic prospects are reduced, and robs her community of her contributions to the greater good.

CARE Action! advocates for the U.S. Government to adopt a more comprehensive approach to sexual, reproductive, and maternal health through policies that address quality, access, and availability of reproductive and maternal health services.

See what CARE Action! is doing to make healthcare attainable!

Speak Out for Women's Health

Around the world, the United Nations Population Fund delivers the tools women and girls need to survive, thrive and pull their communities out of poverty.

Foreign Assistance Budget

CARE Action! advocates understand the value of a penny. That’s all it is, a single penny of each federal dollar which goes towards life saving foreign assistance; but that penny means the world - or a life - to those in need. These pennies go towards:

  • Women's health, enabling them to support their communities

  • Ending hunger and malnutrition

  • Emergency funding, helping get through the disaster

  • Gender empowerment, working to create a safer future

Sign our petition to tell Congress to keep the foreign assistance budget as it is: we know the value of a penny!

Learn the power of a penny with CARE Action! 

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